Top 3 Reasons for Keeping Chickens

Here in the UK, we are without a doubt, a nation of animal lovers. When you think about pets your mind will possibly jump to cats and dogs but what about chickens? More and more people are choosing to transform their gardens into homes for our feathered friends. But why do chickens make such good pets?

1. Fresh Supply of Eggs

Not only are they a great addition to your garden, but they can also offer you a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Imagine waking up in the morning to a fresh supply of eggs! Whether you’re fond of eggs benedict or you’re an avid baker, thanks to your chickens you can have access to your very own supply of fresh eggs.

2. Excellent Way of Educating Children

Having a pet in the home is a great way of introducing your children to animals as well as the responsibility of looking after them. Your children can help with the care of your chickens, feeding them and keeping them clean. They’re also an excellent way of teaching children about self-sufficiency, which in the 21st Century, is becoming increasingly important.

3. Brilliant Alternative for People with Allergies

You may be an animal lover but if you have allergies you may really struggle to be around them let alone keep them as pets! This means a dog or cat is often out of the question as your home needs to remain a pet-free zone. However, chickens could be the ideal alternative if you suffer from allergies. You don’t need to worry about animal hair in your home and your chickens will be more than happy living in your back garden.

If you’re considering keeping chickens then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Eggshell we have a wide variety of chicken coops and houses, ideal for the first time chicken keeper as well as the pros. All our chicken coops and houses are 100% fox proof so you can be sure your chickens will always be safe – be sure to browse our website and if you would like any further advice or information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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