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Keeping chickens is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. If you have recently joined the hundreds of homeowners who have opened up their gardens (and hearts) to hens, then you will undoubtedly need a high-quality chicken coop or chicken house to give your new pets a cosy, comfortable and loving home to live in. Here at Eggshell, we are one of the leading suppliers of well-made chicken coops and chicken houses within the UK. If you want to ensure that your hens are always happy, we recommend that you treat them to a stay in one of our chicken houses or chicken coops.

We have a great selection of chicken coops for sale on our website, all of which can be shipped with next-day delivery if you place your order with us before 2 pm. We also offer a custom design service for our chicken houses to enable your chickens to enjoy a completely bespoke chicken house. All our models are flat packed and ready for assembly and are easy to install.

Our cheap chicken coops ensure that you don’t have to spend lots to house your hens in a high-quality home, but with Eggshell lower prices don’t mean poorer quality. We use only the best materials for each chicken coop we produce and you can be sure of its longevity. To learn more about the products we can supply, call us today on 01903 756121.

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If you are one of the many British homeowners who keep chickens then you want to ensure you have somewhere safe and secure for them to stay, invest in our garden chicken coops today. At Eggshell, we have a great range of portable chicken coops and chicken houses which provide great protection from the weather, as well as predators such as foxes, while also giving a spacious area for your chickens to roam around. As an added benefit, our fantastic range of portable chicken coops means that you can move them into the sun during the summer months and back closer to the house throughout the winter to help further protect them. At Eggshell we provide a fast and efficient service which means that if you order before 2 pm we will deliver your coop to you the very next day and with many different styles available we are sure that you will find the perfect one for you.

Keeping Chickens: Safety Information

Chickens are vulnerable birds. They are watched under the beady eyes of foxes, their main predator. So, ensuring you have a chicken coop that is built to keep your feathered friends safe is crucial. Here at Eggshell, we offer a number of chicken houses that are built to keep your chickens safe. They’re built with 3mm fox-resistant wire, keeping your friends safe all day and night long.

Our chicken houses are built to last, they help to keep your chickens happy and healthy, providing them with room to roam in the safety of their own chicken house. Our nest boxes are secured with robust locks, clasps, and hinges, helping to keep your chicken house secure 24/7 in your garden.

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