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If you’re looking for a chicken coop that will give your birds ample space at the same time as protecting them from foxes and predators then the XXL Granary Coop is the perfect choice. It boasts coated 3mm welded wire which is 100% fox resistant whilst the dimensions are 302cm (l) x 75cm (d) x 113cm (h) which gives your chickens plenty of room to move around in comfort. The nest box is comprised of 2 compartments, and if you need more space the coop can be easily fitted with optional extensions. Depending on the size of your birds, the coop will comfortably house 4-5 depending on size of the birds, and it is completely covered by a roof to keep them protected from the elements.


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This runs are fully covered to protect your birds from rain, snow and sun.

  • 302cm (L)x 75cm (D) x 113cm (H) overall dims incl nest box and roof overhangs both side
  • Suitable for up to 4 – 5 medium sized birds
  • nest box with 2 compartments
  • fox proof galvanised (rust free) locks
  • 2 perches
  • removable galvanised tray
  • depending on the size* of the birds you can use it for 4-6 birds depending on size (less if large or more if bantam size)

Dimensions for Granary Coop

Total height = 110cm

Height under living area = 32cm

Width excluding nest box = 71.5cm

Width including nest box = 102cm

Access door (under living area) – W = 54cm H =27cm

Access door (to living area) – W = 48cm H = 36.5cm

Chicken door – W = 20cm H = 28.5cm

Living area – L= 60cm W = 59cm H @ highest point = 70cm

Nest box – W = 53.5cm H = 31cm Depth = 30cm

Dimensions for Granary Run (per side)

Internal dims: W= 64cm L= 107cm Height at highest point 94cm Height at lowest point 53.5cm

Door for run W = 40cm H = 61.5cm   

Additional Information

Number of Chickens: 4-8 depending on size, type and breed - 3 -4 large - 4-5 medium - 8-10 bantam sized

Suitability: The Granary chicken coop is suitable for 4 large, 5-6 medium or 10 bantam sized birds. Less if large breed and more if small bantam sized breed. It is also recommended to free range the chickens if possible to achieve happy and egg-laying birds. If free range is not possible we recommend 4-5 medium birds.

Portability: Static

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