Flea & Mite Powder For Poultry – Liquid Spray


Natural insecticide poultry mite and flea treatment
Easy to apply spray for chicken housing and roosting areas
Approved for use in UK to control red mite/chicken mite
Safe for Rabbits, Chickens, Guinea Pigs etc
Simply apply the powder to the pets sleeping areas.
Highest quality product on the UK market
Fully approved natural insecticide
100% natural product- no pesticides
Extremely high-grade with tightly maintained production process


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Save yourself a lot of hassle with Andermatt’s liquid spray. Traditionally DE comes in powder form, but with a liquid spray simply shake the bottle and spray on housing, perches, roosting areas and/or dust baths. Comes as a 1 L ready-to-use spray bottle with trigger included.

What is DE?

Diatomaceous earth is a fast-acting, natural powder made of fossilised algae skeletons. It’s a great natural solution to prevent and treat against many types of mites and crawling insects, including red mite/chicken mite.

But not all DEs are created equal!

But don’t just use any DE – have full peace of mind with InsectoSec.

Did you know most DEs are unregistered (and therefore illegal)? This means their contents, safety and effectiveness have not been tested. They could be useless, or even dangerous. InsectoSec is fully registered in the UK.

Extremely high-grade with tightly maintained production process
The ONLY licensed organic product on the market 100% organic and environmentally friendly
Approved for use in Lion Mark egg production
Proven efficacy against crawling insect and mite pests
Can be safely used around chickens
Zero egg withholding period
OF&G approved

Additional Information

Number of Chickens:

Suitability: 100% natural - no pesticides- can be used for Chickens, Rabbits and Guinea pigs etc


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