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  • ON HOLD: EggShell Chicken Pics Competition to Win a FREE Chicken Coop

     Our Chicken Pics Competition below has currently been postponed until a further date since we did not receive enough entries (as deemed in our Ts & Cs*). Please check back for further details, and tagging us in your #chickenpics on Twitter!


    As it’s Easter this week, at Eggshell we’re putting together an egg-cellent competition for all our chicken-keeping champs out there!

    For all our loyal customers and other chicken lovers we wanted to offer you a little something special given the time of year– and have a bit of fun too!

    Over the years, we’ve loved the pictures some of you have sent to us of you and your feathered friends, so now we’d like you send in a whole bunch – in the hopes of winning a free Kingston Chicken Coop, one of our most popular coops (or another coop you fancy of the same value or less).

    Have fun with it, take photos of you and your chickens, chicken feed arranged in a fun way, snap some chick pics - whatever takes your fancy!

    To enter:

    1. Submit your #chickenpic here.
    2. Vote for the #chickenpic you like the most, & share the competition on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #chickenpic and tag us @EggshellOnline
    3. Then get as many of your friends to vote for you as you can!

    How we will decide the winner:

    Once you’ve submitted your #chickenpic, you have entered! You are now in for a chance of winning a free chicken coop for your lovely ladies. To be in with a real chance of winning however, you’ll need to get some voting help.

    Once your #chickenpic is up, other people can vote for you – friends, family and fans of your #chickenpics! Share the link to this competition page and get them to CLICK HERE to vote! The top 20 voted #chickenpics will then be judged by our select panel for cuteness, awesomeness and a number of other very-scientific criteria.

    Once the winner has been decided, they will be notified by email and the winner will be announced (along with their winning #chickenpic) on our website and social media.


    The competition will open at 7am Easter Friday and the deadline is 9th May at 7pm, but of course, since this is a voting competition, getting your picture uploaded quick gives you more time to gain votes! But if your picture is particularly cracking (see what we did there), even if you apply a bit later, you may still have a good chance of being in the running; never fear!

    Farewell, and good luck!

    You can submit your photo on our polling page from the start date this Friday 14th April. We cannot wait to see all of your amazing and hilarious #chickenpics, and wish you all the best of luck! Happy snapping!

    Some more ideas for your #chickenpics

    • Chicken selfies
    • Your chickens with a cool backdrop, or fun things in the background
    • Photo effects on your #chickenpics
    • Chicken accessories
    • The light hitting your coop at sunset
    • Get creative!

    Good ways to get votes for your #chickenpics!

    • Share your #chickenpic on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with a link to the voting page and get your friends and family involved!
    • If you have a personal brand or online following such as a Twitter, get your fans on board
    • Similarly
    • Your chickens with a cool backdrop, or fun things in the background
    • Photo effects on

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

    *Terms and conditions: You may only choose the chicken coop mentioned or one of lesser value. You withhold the property of you photos but in submitting them to this competition give Eggshell permission to use them on any online medium. If there are less than 15 submissions, the competition will be postponed until a later date. 
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