Delivery checklist

Our standard delivery & next-day deliveries are ‘ all day deliveries’ and someone needs to be at home the day of delivery (Mon to Fri) between normal working hours to sign for it and to check the boxes.

If you instruct us to leave the product at the delivery address without a signature we will not be held responsible for any damages that occur to the outer packages or contents due to you not being able to check the outer packaging for damages. So before ordering please ensure that someone will be at the delivery address to check the outer packaging.

Within Main UK zone:

– Free Delivery for all products including covers 2-3 working days

– £9.99 Express Delivery for all products including covers – 1 -2 working days

– £19.99 Saturday delivery (£39.99 for Nelly Coop), (£29.99 Gertrude coop)

Before ordering any item online, check that:

  • you have given us a day time contact number so we can call you to arrange delivery
  • you have given us the correct delivery address
  • someone will be available at a certain day Mon-Fri to take delivery

On delivery day make sure that:

  • someone is at home
  • you check each box for damages
  • you mark the consignment with the word ‘DAMAGED’ if damaged on the outer packaging
  • you accept a delivery even if the outer packaging is damaged as the packing is very strong

After delivery:

The product MUST be opened and inspected within 24-48hrs after receipt in case of a damage or fault. Failure to check the product within 24-48hrs after receipt will result in rejection of replacement or replacement parts in line with our T&C’s. This is for insurance purposes and your own benefit. So please do NOT store the product for 2 days or longer and inspect the product immediately (within 24-48hrs once you signed the couriers consignment note after receipt.

Product Maintenance:

Our wooden chicken coops & runs have been treated with an animal-friendly base coat of wood preservative both inside and out for the first 4 weeks. It’s important that your wooden coop & run are regularly cleaned out on a weekly basis and treated on a half-yearly basis preferably before and after the Winter season. We recommend a high-quality varnish, roof sealer, water replant or wood preservative be applied to the wood within the 1st month or before any heavy rain, paying attention to all roof edges, eves as well as all the joints. Otherwise, the wood may dry out and become brittle, warped or look unsightly. If the coop & run is to be left outside then we recommend further coats of wood preserver be applied. A rust remover and rust protection paint should be used on the wire for the longevity of the wire. Always make sure to use non-toxic and animal-friendly products. To make sure your coop & run stay looking great, it is recommended to position in an area that is protected and not exposed to the elements. We will not accept any claims for products that have been left without protection or not maintained.

On Delivery

When you receive the delivery please check that goods are not damaged

If the goods appear superficially damaged (i.e. outer packaging is damaged only) please accept the goods and sign as “damaged “. Failure to sign for it as damaged results in no claim being accepted. It is your responsibility to check for damages so please inspect all sides of each parcel. If the driver is rushing you for a signature please ignore the driver’s request – it is your product and your responsibility and not the driver’s.

If the product is heavily damaged (i.e. you can clearly see damaged parts please refuse the delivery and sign as “damaged on delivery – item refused” and contact us so we can resolve any issues.