Chicken Coop with Welded Wire – Windsor Portable Design

  • Suitable for 4 – 6 medium sized birds

If you’re looking for the perfect chicken coop then at Eggshell we have everything you need. Our Windsor portable chicken coop is spacious and incredibly durable, as well as being safe for your chickens thanks to its 3mm coated fox resistant wire. It is 250cm (l) x 75cm (d) x 103cm (h), meaning it provides ample room for 4-6 medium birds. The coop comes complete with wheels, 2 perches and a nest box with 2 compartments for your chicken’s comfort. The roof opens out enabling you to easily clean the interior and the 5cm extra deep galvanised tray is removable. Extensions can be added to the coop if your chickens need extra room.



  • 250cm (L)x 75cm (D) x 103cm (H) overall dims incl nest box and roof overhangs both side
  • Portable
  • nest box with 2 compartments
  • fox resistant galvanised (rust free) locks
  • 2 perches
  • opening roof for easy cleaning
  • removable galvanised 5cm extra deep tray
  • rear ventilation holes with closing sliding door
  • 1.4m extension run can be added (optional)
  • 33% bigger living area then model Buckingham

If free range is not possible we also offer run extensions specific for this model to accommodate more birds.

Additional Information

Number of Chickens: 4-8 depending on size, type and breed

Suitability: The Windsor chicken coop is suitable for 4-6 medium sized birds. Less is large breed and more if small bantam sized breed. It is also recommended to free range the chickens if possible to achieve happy and egg-laying birds. If free range is not possible we recommend 4 medium birds. We offer run extensions for this model to accommodate more birds if free range is not possible.

Portability: Portable

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