3 Tips to Keeping Your Chickens Laying in Winter

You will find that your chickens will start laying eggs in the spring as it warms up; when summer comes around they could be laying eggs each day. But by the time winter arrives your chickens can stop laying all together however there is a few things you can do to help remedy this:

1. Give Your Chickens More Light:

During the winter months, the shorter days mean less natural light for your chickens which can affect egg production. To accommodate the lack of sunlight you can place several lights in various places within the chicken coop or house to keep your chickens happy and provide them with some much needed light. If you can set the lights on a timer you should set them to come on for around 14 hours per day to replicate the daylight hours we would have in the summer.

2. Make Sure You Provide a Balanced Diet

It’s important to provide your chickens with a balanced diet all year round, however in the winter it’s particularly important to ensure that your chickens aren’t lacking in anything. During the winter months, add a little extra protein to their diet to encourage egg production.

3. Minimise Stress

It’s essential that your chickens aren’t put under an unnecessary amount of stress at any point of the year, but when egg laying is reduced in the winter it’s even more important to minimize any stress. Ensure they are as safe as possible from predators and if you have any pets like a dog or a cat – keep an eye on them and ensure they’re not pestering your chickens. They love their privacy so providing them with plenty of laying boxes will also help encourage egg laying.

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