Three Reasons You Should Choose Eggshell Online

Keeping chickens is becoming an increasingly popular hobby for families up and down the UK. If you’re thinking of opening up your garden to our little feathered friends then you will need a high quality chicken house or coop in which two keep your new additions.

Here at Eggshell we supply a wide range of chicken coops and houses and with over 10 years’ experience within the industry we are the specialist company you’re looking for.

Why Choose Our Products?

We have two main reasons why our chicken coops and houses stand out above the rest:

1. 100% Foxproof: Our chicken houses as well as our rabbit hutches are designed to put your mind at ease. Our chicken coops are manufactured using 3mm welded wire which is then coated in plastic to make it completely fox proof so you can be reassured by the knowledge that your chickens are safe each and every night.

2. Easily Manoeuvrable: Many of our chicken coops and houses are designed with wheels attached. This makes them really simple to move around your garden so you won’t have to worry about your grass dying or getting damaged by your chickens.

3. Next Day Delivery: We offer a speedy delivery service – if you place your order before 2pm we can ensure we ship the order for next day delivery so you could be collecting your new feathered friends sooner that you think.

Be sure to browse our website to see the full range of chicken coops and houses we have on offer. For further advice or information on any of our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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