5 Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

For many, the fresh supply of eggs is one main incentive of raising egg-laying chickens. One important thing to note is that the choice of your breed determines the number of eggs you get per day.

There are certain breeds of chicken, such as the Japanese Bantams that do not lay eggs at all (non-layers), while the Hybrid types lay an average of 280 eggs per year. This translates to one egg per day. If you want fresh eggs on a daily basis, then you must make sure you choose the right breed. In this article, we will be highlighting the 5 best chicken breeds that lay eggs to your satisfaction.

1. The Leghorn

Originally from Italy, The breed was first introduced to Britain from the United States in 1870. It is a well-known egg-laying breed that has supplied eggs on our tables for a long time. Their eggs are usually medium-sized and white. This breed can lay up to 250 eggs annually.

Another reason that this breed stands out from the rest is that it has a full white body and a full large thick red comb. Their main downside is their shyness and the hard-to-tame character.

2. The Sussex

The beauty with this breed is that it can be raised for both meat and eggs. It has the ability to produce about 250 eggs annually just like the Rhode Island breed. The colour of their eggs usually varies between brown and cream white. This breed comes in 8 different colours, with the most common colour being a white body and black neck and tail. They have a unique cool character, and are easily tamed and friendly.

white and brown eggs laying in a brown basket filled with straw.

3. The ISA Brown

This type is considered an adorable breed that can produce about 300-350 eggs annually. They start laying their eggs from as early as 16 weeks of age. The breed was patented by a French company whose goal was to simply capitalise on its egg production. While the name ISA Brown is not a breed name, it got so popular that it is now considered as a breed.

They are liked because of how fast they adapt to different climatic conditions. That is why they can easily be kept in your garden without worry.

4. The Plymouth Rock

This breed is highly likeable and lays at least 1 egg every 2 days. A well-kept hen will lay 200 eggs annually. Their eggs come in light brown colours, and their breed is easily noticeable by it’s grey and white stripes colour of the body. This breed is large and suited for a free-range style of keeping. In terms of character, they are very friendly and easily tamed.

5. Rhode Island Red

Originally from North America, this breed is kept for both its meat and eggs. This popular back garden chicken can lay up to 250 eggs annually and produce eggs that are medium-sized and brown in colour. They appear dark, and not red as the name suggests.

Their feathers are brown and black and they are known for having a tough characteristic. It is a breed that can survive in almost every situation due to them being able to fend for themselves. They are very friendly and easily tamed.

As much as the above breeds are capable of laying many eggs in a year, the rule of thumb is that you keep them healthy, give them a proper diet and a clean environment. This includes providing things such as clean and spacious chicken coops and chicken runs for them to run around to keep them fit and healthy. Bear in mind that you will also need to protect them from foxes too, you can consider some fox-proof products for this purpose.

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