Poisonous Plants Your Chickens Should Avoid

If your chickens spend their days roaming around your garden or even your veggie patch it’s important you know exactly what plants are lurking in the area. Chickens are fairly clever when it comes to poisonous foods, they will normally avoid any plants or seeds that are harmful to them. However, it’s better to err on the side of caution and remove anything that may harm your feathered friends.

Pellets and Pesticides

When it comes to maintaining your garden it’s important to take into consideration the products you’re using. If you’re thinking of using fertiliser or pesticides on your plants or vegetable patch be sure to check that the products aren’t harmful to animals and don’t contain any dangerous toxins. Slug pellets are also one to avoid, chickens are very curious creatures and slug pellets can be very poisonous for animals.

Dangerous Plants

Chickens will avoid most poisonous plants as they usually have a very bitter taste however it’s important to regularly scan your garden to ensure none of the following plants are growing in your borders:

• Daffodils
• Ivy
• Foxglove
• Ragwort
• Hyacinth
• Tulip
• Iris
• Tomato leaves
• Rhubarb leaves
• Rhododendron
• Clematis

Chickens should also avoid fungi as some types can be harmful to them. Algae is another thing to be very vigilant about, it can be very harmful and often fatal to chickens so you must ensure that all water containers are kept clean at all times. You should also ensure your chickens don’t have access to any stagnant water such as a watering can or a water butt.

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