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  • The ultimate guide on choosing the perfect chicken coop for you

    How many chickens will be in the chicken coop you're planning? How much space do you have for it? What is the most appropriate material? These are important questions that need to be answered in order to find suitable chicken houses.

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  • Top Tips for Raising Baby Chicks

    Baby chicks require much time and attention for them to grow. Therefore, raising chicks is not as easy a task as it seems. This is because you have to know the right information regarding raising them. Without enough knowledge on how to raise the baby chicks, it could cause you to incur a lot of costs. Hence it is important to acquire enough knowledge before starting the task for raising baby chickens. This article discusses the top tips for raising baby chicks.

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  • Best Ways to Protect your Chickens from Predators

    Poultry farming stands to be one of the most lucrative forms of farming for so many reasons, it provides a mix of food and companionship which makes it unique from other types of farming. Whether you're raising chickens for meat, eggs, or simply as pets, you'll know that they're a magnet for hungry predators, which is why it's important to keep them safe. Keep reading for our tips for how to protect chickens from predators.

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  • How to Train Your Rabbit Not to Chew

    The fact that rabbits love to chew things is known by anyone who has seen rabbits. Well, chewing by your rabbit is not entirely wrong. It only becomes a problem when they begin to chew on things that they shouldn’t chew on. These may be furniture, wires and other household items. This trait is either dangerous to the animals or you may end up with a household full of destruction. As such, you need to find a way to ensure that your bunnies are trained not to chew any such things. Rather, they should chew more on the appropriate things. Here are the ways you can train your bunny not to chew on your items.

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  • Top Tips | How to raise rabbits

    Rabbits are great company and wonderful pets, they’re playful and tame but are also very social. Contrary to what people will tell you, these animals do involve dedication to take care of. Just like most other pets we have at home, the environment around the rabbit needs to be kept clean and healthy. Another vital part of raising rabbits is to provide them with the right kind of food and clean and healthy water. If you’re planning to get some for yourself or you already have some, there are certain top tips that will help in raising them properly. Here are our top tips for you: Continue Reading

  • How to get rid of red mites in chicken houses

    As a chicken keeper, dealing with red mite can be a quite a tricky challenge. These small parasitic mites often live in the chicken coop during the day. When the night comes, they begin to feed off the blood of the chicken. The infestation of the red mites can occur in all kinds of chicken houses. However, the one kind of coops that tend to suffer more from their infestation is the wooden chicken house. Hence, if your chicken house is wooden, you’ll probably experience this problem of red mite infestations more often. So, how do you get rid of the mites from your chicken house? Continue Reading

  • What vegetables can rabbits eat?

    Fresh food for rabbits is definitely a big concern for those who keep the animals, for whatever reason as they help in improving their pet's health. People have different opinions on what would be the best vegetables that can be fed to the rabbits. Continue Reading

  • Can Chickens get Frostbite and how do I stop it?

    Frostbite is bodily tissue damage occurring when they are exposed to extreme cold conditions. It causes the fluid in the cells to freeze. This results in the clotting of the blood which in turn deprives the cells of oxygen. This will result in varying degrees of tissue damages. Continue Reading

  • How to keep your Rabbit's Hutch smelling and looking clean

    Most people, if not all, love pets and quite a number love to keep rabbits for a number of reasons. Just like many other animals’ houses, rabbit hutches need to be properly taken care of in order to keep them from smelling and to have them look clean. To achieve this goal, you need to take steps such as cleaning of the hutches to make. At the same time, you need to know to do this in the correct way. Most people take steps to try and make sure that the hutches stay clean and don’t smell but it’s not always the case. This would mean that they’re doing something the wrong way. If you’ve experienced this or are just looking for a way to keep the hutch clean and smelling nice, the following are a few helpful tips for you.

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  • How to choose a suitable Chicken Run

    A chicken run is an enclosed outdoor space attached to a chicken coop. It is the area where chickens can freely roam around without getting too far from the coop.

    However, not all chicken runs are appropriate for every location and situation. Here are some things you need to consider so you will know how to choose a suitable chicken run. Continue Reading

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