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  • Can Chickens get Frostbite and how do I stop it?

    Frostbite is bodily tissue damage occurring when they are exposed to extreme cold conditions. It causes the fluid in the cells to freeze. This results in the clotting of the blood which in turn deprives the cells of oxygen. This will result in varying degrees of tissue damages. Continue Reading

  • How to keep your Rabbit's Hutch smelling and looking clean

    Most people, if not all, love pets and quite a number love to keep rabbits for a number of reasons. Just like many other animals’ houses, rabbit hutches need to be properly taken care of in order to keep them from smelling and to have them look clean. To achieve this goal, you need to take steps such as cleaning of the hutches to make. At the same time, you need to know to do this in the correct way. Most people take steps to try and make sure that the hutches stay clean and don’t smell but it’s not always the case. This would mean that they’re doing something the wrong way. If you’ve experienced this or are just looking for a way to keep the hutch clean and smelling nice, the following are a few helpful tips for you.

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  • How to choose a suitable Chicken Run

    A chicken run is an enclosed outdoor space attached to a chicken coop. It is the area where chickens can freely roam around without getting too far from the coop.

    However, not all chicken runs are appropriate for every location and situation. Here are some things you need to consider so you will know how to choose a suitable chicken run. Continue Reading

  • How to tell if your Chickens have Scaly Leg and how to treat it

    Whether you keep the chicken for commercial purposes or just to enjoy their beauty at your home, their good health should always be a priority. However, there are certain infections and sicknesses which aren’t easy to pick out. Continue Reading

  • How to Keep Your Chickens Warm In Colder Weather

    Whilst chickens are actually more at risk during the summer due to bacteria and illnesses that can be passed around in the heat, winter and its chills do cause some worry for chicken owners. Plus, with British weather being so extreme of late, you might want to think about some ways you can keep your chickens warm, so your birds aren’t b-b-bloody freezing.

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  • How should I clean out my chicken coop & how often?

    Here at Eggshell, we want to make sure that you know the basics of how to look after your chickens. One of those basics is how & when to clean out your coop, this is vital to ensure your chickens have a high quality of life. Continue Reading

  • Chicken Coops: how to choose the best coop

    Whether you are a poultry farmer or just have a handful of chickens in your garden, everyone must ensure that their chickens are reared in the right coop. Some chicken coops are pre-made while others are bought in parts and assembled by following specific instructions. Either way, it’s important that you give your feathery friends a decent chicken house. The type of coop to select will depend on a number of factors. When these factors are strictly taken into consideration, the chicken will get a perfect place to live in. This reduces the level of stress that the birds could be subjected to. In turn, they’ll be better producers of either eggs or meat (if you are a farmer), depending on your chosen breed. The right chicken coop must: Continue Reading

  • What’s the perfect ratio to have between hens & roosters?

    A lot of farmers are struggling with the question of the best ratio to use for hens to roosters. The main reason for keeping roosters is for purposes of breeding. Others just keep them for the sake of it or to have a full ‘family’ of chickens. Proper integration of roosters into the flock can be quite beneficial to a farmer. The important question of how many roosters to keep for a given flock should be sufficiently explored. You will need to think about the types and size of your chicken coop and run. Here we offer the advice on the number of roosters you should keep per flock and what you need to know about roosters. Continue Reading

  • You might be wondering what you should feed your rabbits, wonder no more…

    Like most animals, whether wild or domesticated, rabbits need to feed on a well -balanced diet. When they feed on the diet, they become healthy and strong and hence, can live their lives fully. Whether you have a cute little rabbit hutch or a nice big run for your rabbits, each of the components of the feed must be given to them at all times in the right quantities in addition to water for drinking. This helps them resist diseases and makes them recover easily if they are hurt or attacked by a disease. Their diet can be changed gradually over a period of time to prevent digestive upsets from occurring. Rabbits should have the following in their diets: Continue Reading

  • Looking after your chicken in the autumn months

    Basic care for chicken during any season involve proper feeding, ensuring that the boxes for nesting are cleaned, among other common daily tasks. However, every season is unique on its own and will require you to deal with different conditions, if you are to keep your chicken healthy. Here, we discuss the common tips that will help you properly take care of your chicken during autumn months. They are useful when dealing with lower temperatures and the changing lengths of days experienced during this season. Continue Reading

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