What’s the best way to protect my rabbits from predators?

If you’re used to owning outdoor animals like chickens and rabbits, then you’ll know just how difficult it is to protect them from predators. We often find ourselves in a catch-22 situation because it’s important that we let our animals roam free to keep them healthy and happy, but this is when they are most vulnerable to attack. Foxes, badgers, cats and dogs are all potential hazards to your pet rabbit, so you will need to adapt their cage accordingly to protect them.

Supervise them

If you’re worried about your own cat or dog from attacking your rabbits, then it’s important that you do not let either roam about your garden unsupervised – especially if your rabbits are running about out of their cage. If you monitor the situation at all times, you will be able to step before anything major happens. While this solution is sure to be effective, it cannot be used all the time; when you’re out of the house or in bed, for example.

Invest in fox-proof hutches

This is the perfect solution for when you are unable to monitor your rabbits first-hand. Foxes are incredibly intelligent animals and will be able to find a way into a hutch that is not properly protected. For example, they can dig under hutches, twist locks and lift latches, so it’s important that you purchase a hutch that comes with features that make it as hard as possible for foxes to enter, and this is where Eggshell can help.

The wires should be strong and thick, (of course we will always be partial to our wire hutches that boast a thickness of 3mm) and be plastic-coated to prevent the wiring from snapping when bitten, a feature you will also find in our hutches. Our rocks also come with a galvanised coating that repels rusting and corrosion – meaning they will remain in great condition and not buckle when a fox tries to attack them.

Purchase a run

If you’re worried about your rabbits coming under threat from birds, foxes, dogs and cats, then it’s highly recommended that you purchase a run. This product will provide a large, enclosed space for your rabbits to run about in. A mesh-wired roof will guard against attacks from the air, while the mesh sides will prevent attacks from the ground. Of course, there is nothing better than letting your rabbits run free in unconfined spaces, but a well-constructed run will provide you with peace of mind when this is not possible. Just be aware that keeping rabbits in confined spaces for too long could make the animal stressed.

Let your rabbits burrow

This may not be a suitable suggestion for those with smaller gardens or those who do not want their lawns dug up, but this is a great way of allowing your rabbits to find a safe place to hide. After enough time, your rabbits should begin to burrow, if allowed to, and they will create a network of places to hide in if they feel threatened. This part of their natural instincts, so it should be encouraged at every opportunity.

If you’d like to discuss our range of fox-proof rabbit hutches or gain advice on the best way to protect your rabbits, then do not hesitate to contact us.

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