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Rabbits are great company and wonderful pets, they’re playful and tame but are also very social. Contrary to what people will tell you, these animals do involve dedication to take care of. Just like most other pets we have at home, the environment around the rabbit needs to be kept clean and healthy. Another vital part of raising rabbits is to provide them with the right kind of food and clean and healthy water. If you’re planning to get some for yourself or you already have some, there are certain top tips that will help in raising them properly. Here are our top tips for you:

Feeding plenty of hay

Rabbits love to feed on hay. It’s good for their health and is perfect for keeping them busy. Their hay is made from different plants and grasses. It’s been found out that wheat, oat and timothy grasses are better options for the rabbits. The common hay made from clover or alfalfa is often too rich for them. At the feed stores, you’ll find a combination of clover and other things or even clover hays only. You should visit speciality stores to be able to find pure timothy grass. Rabbits

Give them a variety of vegetables  

In addition to the rabbit’s diet, you can give them parsley, spinach, cilantro, mints, kale and carrots with tops. From time to time, you need to offer the rabbits different veggies to find out if there’s something you don’t give them, but they love to eat.

Give them the proper number of pellets

The rabbit’s diet shouldn’t just be made up of alfalfa pellets as most people believe. According to veterinarians, each rabbit should only be given one half-cup of the pellets for four pounds of the body weight. For instance, a bunny that weighs eight pounds should consume only one cup of pellets each day. Alongside other kinds of food, this should be enough for your rabbit in one day. 

Provide them with a lot of fresh water

Choosing the right way of providing fresh water to the rabbit is very important. The container chosen for this purpose shouldn’t allow mould and other forms of dirt to quickly contaminate the water. Also, ensure you always check the water to make sure it remains fresh. Each season comes along with its challenges. So, the water may not stay fresh for long during summer. As a result, ensure you change the water regularly.


Before baby rabbits come, prepare nesting boxes

You should ensure that you have nesting boxes way before the babies start to arrive if one of your rabbits is pregnant. If you wait and only start preparing them when the doe has already started having the babies, it’ll be inconvenient and may end up affecting the younger rabbits negatively.

Groom your rabbits

Grooming the rabbit’s hair is very important, especially if you have the long-haired breed. This is because, just like cats, they can suffer from hairballs. To keep the long-haired rabbit looking nice, you can use a matt rake and a wide-toothed comb to groom them. 

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