What should I know Before Buying A Chicken Coop?

One of the biggest challenges for people who keep chickens in their back garden is what chicken house to go for. As well as all of the questions that come with it. How do you make sure they exercise regularly? How big does the chicken coop need to be? Keep reading this blog to find out everything you need to know before buying a chicken coop:

Chickens can make great pets because they are social animals. If you have decided to raise chickens in your back garden, you obviously need a coop for your feathered friends. You basically have two options when it comes to getting that coop. You can decide to buy a ready-made one or build your own.

Most of the time, buying a ready-made coop can save you a lot of money and time depending on the situation. Before buying a chicken coop, however, you should consider the following:

Coop Size

This is one of the most important factors to consider, as it’s not healthy to pack too many chickens into one coop. A good rule of thumb is that you should not buy a chicken coop that only holds the exact number of chickens you want to raise in your back garden.

Most coop guides suggest that you allocate a space of approximately two square feet per adult bird. Choosing the right-sized coop goes a long way in maintaining a good temperature inside the coop while also reducing the number of injuries from pecking that occur when the coop is overcrowded.

Ensure There Is Enough Space

Every chicken should have enough space to sleep. When buying a coop you should ensure that the coop has enough roosting space for the number of birds that you want to keep. You should keep in mind that each chicken requires 11”-12” of resting space.

Is The Coop Easy To Clean

Remember that you will have to clean the coop on a regular basis to keep the chickens healthy and comfortable. For this reason, you want to get a coop that allows you easy access and has a removable litter tray. The doors should be wide enough so that you can take the removable items outside for a thorough clean once in a while. You have a variety of chicken coops to choose from. But make sure to purchase one that gives you plenty of space to clean. As hygiene in the coop is vital for your chickens’ health.

What About Ventilation?

Your birds need fresh air as much as you do. A well-ventilated chicken coop keeps the odours down and prevents the ammonia from accumulating in your chicken house. That way, the birds will always have enough fresh air to keep them happy. Just be sure to balance all the factors of a good chicken coop, as you don’t want the coop to become uncomfortable when the weather conditions become extreme.

Predator Protection

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a suburban or urban area, predators will always try to attack your chickens at the slightest chance they get. It doesn’t have to be wild animals it could even be your dog or any other animals you have.

When buying a chicken coop, be sure to confirm that it’s really secure. Pay attention to the commonly overlooked parts such as the floor, so that the digging critters can’t find their way in. The latches of the chicken coop’s door should also be strong to keep stronger predators out of the coop.

Chicken Run To The Rescue

If you use a free-range system, you should have an extra option for when you don’t want your birds to go outside. A chicken run is a good place for your birds to forage when you want your birds to stay within the chicken house. This is a great reason you should consider buying a coop that has a chicken run as part of it.

The process of buying a chicken coop does not have to be complicated. With the tips discussed in this article, it should be considerably easier to buy a chicken coop whenever you decide to keep some chickens in your back garden.

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