Do You Keep Rabbits Inside or Outside?

Rabbits Are Able to Adapt to Both Inside And Out

If you have pet rabbits, should you keep them inside or outside? It is one of those age-old questions. Everyone wants the best for their bunnies and wants to look after them in the best possible way. But when it comes to that first day taking home a rabbit, you’ll have to decide how based on if you are going to be having a house rabbit or an outside rabbit.

Would you like to live outside when the weather is horrid?

The most obvious reason for keeping your pet as a house rabbit is possible bad weather. Outside you have the problem of the bitter winter weather that could be dangerous for your rabbit. Then on the other side of things, what about when the summer days get hot. And your rabbits are faced with the sun rays shining onto them, it could prove too much.

When inside its rabbit hutch, your fluffy friend will likely be more comfortable temperature-wise. If your rabbit can go into your garden they will have access to the clean, fresh air outside.

A rabbit cannot be kept in a cage or hutch all day.

Your rabbit needs to get out and exercise. If an area has been set up in a garden and it is well sectioned off for the rabbit’s safety, they can get their share of movement and play. But then again, they can also do that around the house. But one thing to remember if you have a house rabbit is that when on its travels around your house, you can’t just let it do its own thing, in case it goes somewhere where it might hurt itself. Or eat something that it should not.

The same thing can be said for the outside too. In both situations, you have to be careful your rabbit does not get lost. Inside your home, you need to rabbit-proof each room. For example, make sure wires are well guarded so that the rabbit does not try to chew through it (they go after wires, be warned!)

small brown rabbit posing for camera

Do you have other pets such as a dog or a cat?

In this case, an outside rabbit may be a better choice. It is not black and white though. As sometimes other household pets cause no trouble for rabbits and they can get on amazingly, but this is not always the case. You should also think about the chance of other animals outdoors approaching your rabbit. If your rabbit is in its hutch this should help to keep it safe, there is no 100% guarantee from the likes of roaming cats or even foxes in the outside world.

If the rabbit is kept outside it may be wise to have another rabbit with it to help avoid it getting lonely (make sure it is of the same sex unless you are ready for rabbit babies!) Inside rabbits at least have the company more often than not of their humans. When a rabbit is outside, it does have the chance to behave a bit more as it would naturally in the wild, if it has access to dirt to dig through, etc.

Ultimately, it is down to you to decide if you think you should keep a rabbit inside or out, there are pros and cons to both options. As far as we know the answer does not lay in rabbit breeds, or the size of a rabbit, or anything like that. Think over all the points and see which option will best suit your fluffy friend.

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