Best Ways to Protect your Chickens from Predators

Poultry farming stands to be one of the most lucrative forms of farming for so many reasons, it provides a mix of food and companionship which makes it unique from other types of farming. Whether you’re raising chickens for meat, eggs, or simply as pets, you’ll know that they’re a magnet for hungry predators, which is why it’s important to keep them safe. Keep reading for our tips for how to protect chickens from predators.

Poultry Predators

There are some natural poultry predators or chicken predators that target different poultry types in various parts of the world, some are caused by the loss of natural habitat which makes some wild animals venture into human territory, and some predatory animals just have a strong appetite for chickens even though they have other feeding sources. Examples of these chicken predators from the wild are foxes, weasels, snakes, hawks, owls, and even coyotes and racoons in some countries. Some domesticated animals which have also developed a strong appetite for chickens should be kept far away from the poultry at all times, such as dogs and cats.

Preventive Measures

The first step to take in curbing the intrusion and damage of all forms of predators is to identify the type of predators that could invade your farm or garden. The signs and tracks they leave behind give a perfect indication of the type of predator involved, most of the predators leave signs like scattered feathers and footprints like dogs and foxes. Whenever tracks are inconclusive and feathers cannot be seen, this is an indicator of lighter footed predators. In order to prevent this loss incurred from predators, poultry animals especially chickens should be kept safe,

  • Fences should be made to enclose the chickens, in some cases, the fences should be electrified with enough current to stun animals and not kill them.

  • Elimination of surrounding shrubs and trees used as perching sites for birds like a hawk

  • Using net coverings as a protection against flying predators like hawks and owls

  • Always keep the chicken coops protected and locked at all times

  • An option of a moveable floorless pen can protect the chicken from free roaming chicken predators

  • Protect the coop with floor wires that are dug into the ground in order to prevent predators from digging under the fence to access the chickens

  • Always keep the poultry tightly secured till sunrise, it’s often observed that some predators like foxes hunt very early in the morning and still lurk around for emerging meals from the pen

  • Often increase activity around the pen, the more activity and noise made around the pen keeps predators away

  • Always maintain the chicken coop and repair or change damaged parts in order to keep chicken predators away

  • It is essential to keep all forms and sizes of predators away from the chicken coop, they pose a lot of threat to their sustenance and also to the growth of the poultry.

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