Chicken Coops | 8 Reasons Why You Need an Automatic Door Opener

Automatic door openers can provide several key benefits. And what’s more, they do not have to be expensive. An automatic door opener can be a very worthwhile investment as they help keep your chickens safe. They also look the part and should last for a long time. At Eggshell Online, our well-made chicken coops will be very durable, too. With anything, they are better than ever thanks to technological advancements which we will get into shortly.

Chicken Guard Automatic Door Opener

You can choose between various types of custom doors, made with different materials and carrying different features. But our chicken guard automatic door openers main purpose is to protect your chickens! The doors are powered in various straight forward ways including through the use of solar energy. A chicken guard automatic door opener can also be powered by mains electricity. A door opener is usually very easy to install too, setting up an effective chicken guard with minimum fuss. If you did struggle to set the door opener up then we can help. But they usually are very straightforward to set up.

One of the chicken owners biggest concerns is having their chickens attacked by a predator such as a fox. Thankfully, these automated doors can be very helpful and do a solid job of protecting your coop. They’re well built and avoid the use of any flimsy string mechanisms that you may associate with mechanical options, for instance when lifting the door up and down. Instead, you can have a self-locking automated door opener that is far more effective.

7 chickens in the foreground and background eating food from the floor.

At the top of this blog, we mentioned how advancements in technology have aided the way a chicken coop door opener works. An electric door opener can now be programmed with specific opening and closing times to open through the use of a smartphone app! It’s helpful for those who are not with the chickens, for example when they’re at work elsewhere. But still, need to make sure the doors are either opened or closed as required for the time. Chickens should be in their coop at night and out roaming during the day.

Perhaps one of the best benefits about the use of automated doors is they can help cover the possibility of human error. For example, humans may forget to close the door of the coop. An automated shutting door helps remove this big issue. This will protect your chickens from foxes and other dangers.

As proven in this blog, there are some great benefits to installing a chicken guard automatic door opener. Having one of these set up can help offer you peace of mind that you’re keeping your chickens safe. As well as improve the structure of how you look after them, saving you time in the process.

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