6 Signs You Need a New Chicken Coop

Looking after chickens in your spare time? Wondering if it’s time to start investing in new chicken coops? Maybe you can get a few more years out of your existing run. Maybe not, however – as to give your hens and roosters the best protection and care, you should make sure your chicken coop and run is of fantastic quality. A flimsy piece of mesh if just not going to cut it!

Looking for chicken houses and hen houses? Want to know more about buying a fox-resistant chicken coop? Here are a few reasons why it might be time for you to start shopping for chicken coops.

The Birds are Escaping!

Keep noticing chickens running across the yard? It’s probably time to check the coop. Chickens are feisty critters at the best of times, and if their coop and run aren’t up to scratch, it may be that they are finding it easy to break loose.

There’s Damp Getting In

If you’re noticing interior damage or damp in your hen houses or chicken houses, it might be time to repair or to buy a new coop altogether. Damp conditions may risk the health of your flock, so it’s high time to get it checked out.

There Have Been Fox Attacks

Perhaps the most important reason for a reliable chicken coop is to protect your hens against predators. The best fox resistant chicken coop will help to ensure that no would-be chicken rustlers can break in and create the worst-case scenario.

Things Are Looking Tired & Worn

Some chicken coops and hen houses really do wear down after a time. If things are looking a bit drab, dull, or worn-out altogether, it may well be time to invest in new chicken coops altogether. A lick or two of paint simply won’t cut it sometimes!

Your Chickens Need More Space

Hens and chickens love space. Doesn’t everyone? If your chicken coop is small and tight, there’s not going to be much room for your birds to breathe. Therefore, why not go free-range – and look for a coop that really opens things up?

You’re Moving Location

It’s sometimes a better idea to buy a new chicken coop outright than to move your existing system to a new piece of land or property. Dismantling your existing coop might be awkward and unwieldy, meaning that if you can buy chicken coops and hen houses outright on delivery, you can simply set it up at the other end. That saves you having to pack up and move too much, too.

Brown feathered chicken sitting on perch in a chicken coop

Why Look for Professional Chicken Coops?

It’s time to start thinking about investing in hard-wearing, great-looking chicken coops and hen houses to help keep your birds happy and healthy for years to come. Protect against predators with a fox-resistant chicken coop that will ensure they can get out and about and bed down for the night without fear of attack. Show your birds some love and invest in a new home! If you would like to find out more how we can help you choose the perfect coop for your feathered friends, please contact us on 01903 756121 or head over to our contact page where you can submit an enquiry.

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