What Not to Do in Winter As a Chicken Keeper

Chickens in Winter

Winter is here, and for your chickens, it’s going to be a chilly couple of months. The fact is, while our chickens might be covered in feathers, they are still going to feel the cold weather in a big way. There are plenty of things you shouldn’t be doing as a chicken keeper when tending to your chicken coop in the middle of winter.

Here are just a few points you should consider ahead of spring coming along, and before the chilly weather hopefully goes away for another few months.

Don’t Lock Them in 24/7

It might seem simple enough to just shut your hens in their chicken coop for the entirety of the winter, but this is never a good idea. Cooped up chickens are bored chickens – and that’s going to lead to some serious issues.

Chicken coop spaces should always be comfortable and warm, and in the winter, this is always going to be the case. However, do keep in mind that you will need to let your hens out occasionally to keep them happy. They can withstand some of the cold weather.

Don’t Leave the Eggs!

Ok – there are ways you can keep eggs warm in the winter, but even then, it’s never a good idea to leave them to their own devices.

Believe it or not, you’re going to end up cultivating a fantastic breeding ground for bacteria as eggs crack because of the cold and that’s not going to be healthy for your chickens.

What’s more, eggs are always likely to freeze solid in winter when left outside, so will be completely inedible!

Don’t Leave Cleaning Up

Yes, it’s tempting to leave the cleaning of your chicken coop until the warmer months roll in, but as any good chicken keeper will tell you, this is never a good plan.

The fact is chickens are still going to soil the coop. If they are spending more and more time in there thanks to the cold, then this is only going to start piling up.

Don’t Be So Quick to Uncover

Yes, there are going to be moments this winter when the sun shines down on your chicken coop. However, don’t think this is a great moment to just uncover your chicken coop.

Covers are still great for keeping out draughts and gusts, meaning that if you’re going to whip them off as soon as things get a little bright, your hens are still going to be at risk from the cold. The sun isn’t going to be around all day, and when the night falls, things get even colder.

Winter isn’t a favourite time for many animals, but for chickens, things can get seriously chilly. Be a responsible chicken keeper and keep an eye on your roost up to spring – and beyond, of course – and your hens will thank you for it.

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