Top 5 Pets For Under 5’s

Every child loves the idea of a pet, in fact most adults love the idea of a pet; something soft, warm and affectionate that’s always happy to see you (well, when you have food). Of course every parent knows there’s so much more pets than a cuddle which is why they are so fantastic for a child’s development; pets teach children about caring and responsibility, pets encourage children to spend time outside and sharing a pet strengthens the bond between siblings. If you’re thinking about adopting a family pet for a family with under-fives then here are some furry friends to think about:

1. Hamster

A Hamster is always a popular first pet choice for parents. Aside from being adorable hamsters are affordable, easy to care for and don’t have any special requirements.

2. Rat

Forget everything you think you know about rats! Domestic rats couldn’t be further away from their wild cousins; they are among the cleanest and cleverest rodents around and form bonds with their owners making them an ideal companion for a young child. Rats love company and love to be handled so treat them to lots of exercise and affection.

3. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are sweet and affectionate and can be kept both inside and out, alone or in groups. Guinea pigs are sociable (and vocal!) creatures that crave your love and affection and unlike many rodents they are diurnal (awake during the day).

4. Rabbits

It’s easy to see why rabbits are such a popular family addition, big floppy ears and sweet, twitchy noses aside the are a versatile pet that can be kept both indoors or outside. Rabbits require a little extra care for their grooming and vaccinations making them a great pet for teaching children about responsibility.

5. Hens

Hens may not be the most traditional family pet but they are fast becoming a firm favourite. Hens are interesting, they live longer than small rodents and they teach children valuable lessons about pet care and farming. There are many different breeds of chicken: Perkins, Silkies and Dutch are fantastic, docile birds for children.
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