Mistakes to Avoid When Keeping Chickens

Keeping chickens can be a daunting project. There are some mistakes that people are making when keeping chickens and they may not even realise it. Resulting in a loss of chickens or even giving up on keeping the chickens. Let’s delve into the top mistakes people make when keeping chickens, and the ones that you should avoid.

Coop Size

When keeping chickens, the size of your chicken coop is determined by a number of factors; budget, how large the space is for a coop and the number of chickens you’re planning to rear.

One mistake that a large sum of people make is buying a chicken coop without considering the number and the species of chicken they are planning to keep. There are specific requirements for each number of chickens, you should be able to understand that before embarking on purchasing a chicken coop. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a chicken coop:

  • Is there enough room for all of the chickens?

  • Off the ground or on the ground?

  • Do I need an additional run?

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A small chicken coop can lead to overcrowding, cannibalism, feather pecking and stress among other issues. Therefore, buy the right sized coop or have the right measurements to hand when building one.

Alternatively, if you have a small coop and can’t quite afford to upscale, a chicken run is a great option. It provides the chickens with that extra space at a smaller price, for them to run and explore.

 Chickens in coop

Lack of Protection

Chickens have different predators and they should be well-protected at all times to keep them safe and sound. Therefore, to ensure protection, you need to have a fox resistance chicken coop. Here at Eggshell, we not only understand but also know how to protect your chickens from dangerous animals/predators.

If you wish to build your own chicken coop, then you need to ensure that the coop is well protected. If the chickens are allowed to roam around, you need to ensure that the chickens are fenced in to give them maximum protection from any potential threats. Instead of installing a fence all around your property, you may wish to opt for a chicken run. This will allow the chickens to run freely but still be protected from any lurking predators.

Failing to Pick the Right Breed

Chickens are bred for many purposes, mainly for their poultry meat or eggs. If you are looking to breed chickens for their produce then it’s best to pick a breed of chicken which is best for that, for example, an Australorp chicken is a prime egg layer and can produce nearly one egg every day all year round. Ensure you do your thorough research before you purchase your chickens, it’s also important to remember to check the seller out beforehand. You may also wish to seek some professional advice and consider other facts, such as the climate and your budget.

Buying from an Unknown or Dishonest Breeder

Regardless of the chicken’s breed, buying birds from an unknown or dishonest breeder might cause you huge losses. This is because the breeder does not offer any guarantee on the health or lifespan of the chickens. Buying chicks from a reputable breeder is highly recommended, even if it is expensive! Instead of taking shortcuts and incurring losses. Reliable breeders sell birds that will have full health checks against any diseases, are of high quality, and will offer you a higher return on investment in the long run.

It is advisable to research thoroughly before you start keeping chickens to make the right choices. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch on 01903 756121 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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