How To Tips: Caring For Your Rabbits In The Cold

The sub-zero temperatures of winter can be very dangerous for pets, particularly outdoor creatures like rabbits, so knowing how to take care of your pets throughout the coldest months of the year is absolutely essential for ensuring they’re kept comfortable, healthy and happy.

Our latest article here at Eggshell Online runs through some of the key things to consider when you’re prepping your rabbit for the cold temperatures – it’s been late coming this year, but just because Christmas and New Year are out of the way, it doesn’t mean the weather’s getting better just yet!

1. Move Their Hutch Somewhere Sheltered/Warmer

Rabbits are generally outdoor animals, so it’s not necessary to bring them into your home in the winter time. However, it is vital that you do move their hutch to somewhere sheltered – whether that’s inside a shed or in an enclosed area that’s kept away from the wind, rain and snow. Don’t keep them in a garage you use to park your cars – even slight exposure to car fumes can be fatal.

Make sure they’re somewhere secure, too – if your garden sees predators like foxes wondering through, then you might want to consider the comfort of a shed or simply getting more secure fencing.

2. Check Water SEVERAL Times Per Day

Water is especially important for your rabbit’s diet during winter, as the moisture they tend to get from grass during the spring and summer is unavailable – meaning they’re perhaps even more likely to succumb to dehydration in the colder months.

However, you may find your rabbit’s water bottle starts to freeze up, which why it’s of paramount importance that you regularly check on the water at least two or three times a day – if it’s frozen, replace it.

3. Provide Plenty Of Bedding & Insulation

It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen to move your rabbit’s hutch somewhere internal, like a shed – you still need to provide it with as much insulation and warmth as possible. Ramp up the amount of dry straw/bedding found in their hutch, and put the most in a draught-free corner of the hutch – this is where your rabbit will rest and sleep, so it can’t be somewhere that’ll be subjected to icy winds.

4. Make Sure They Have Plenty Of Food On Hand

Just like any other animal, rabbits will need that little bit more food during the winter months – their activity will be lower, and they’ll need a bit extra to keep them warm and sufficiently fed. You won’t necessarily need to make any major alterations to your rabbit’s diet, but just ensure they have plenty of food – good nutrition helps them to grow thick fur, which is massively beneficial during the winter.

Whatever you need to ensure your rabbits will be comfortable throughout these colder winter months, our online range of rabbit products here at Eggshell Online can help. We supply a great range of rabbit hutches and related products, helping you to give your rabbit the perfect home this winter. Simply browse our full range online for more information or, to order over the phone or ask any specific questions, simply call our sales team on 01903 756121. You can also get in touch using our website’s online contact form.

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