How Much Room Do Chickens Need To Lead Normal Lives?

News How Much Room Do Chickens Need To Lead Normal Lives?

The RSPCA says that, as a guide, 12 square metres is safe for around 30 chickens. As a minimum rule, always make sure the birds have enough space to exercise, stretch out their wings, and behave normally without being confined. Keeping chickens is a very rewarding experience that’s also lots of fun; many people that would love to look after their own chickens mistakenly think they don’t have enough space.

You do not need lots of garden space, with an abundance of grass and open terrain for chickens to be happy and healthy. The truth is, while your chickens need space to roam freely, it’s often space you already have available in your garden.

If you want to keep chickens, your priority needs to be chicken safety. To keep your feathered friends healthy, happy, and safe, you must provide the right nutrition and the appropriate amount of space. A high-quality chicken coop is essential for chicken safety, however, it still requires maintenance to ensure it’s a safe environment for your birds.

Anyone can turn their garden into a great environment for chickens if they have enough space. The question is how much room do chickens need?

Do Your Chickens Need A Lot Of Room?

Myth: Chickens need lots of room which means many people don’t have the space available to keep chickens.

Debunked: Depending on the number of chickens you want to keep, you can adapt your garden to be the perfect home for your new feathered friends.

The biggest myth about chickens is they need an awful lot of room to live. For them to be healthy and happy, the birds need space to forage, roost and spread their wings. Chicken coops are also essential when keeping chickens as they provide a safe space for the birds to sleep, away from predators. 

The birds won’t need as much space inside their chicken coop as they do outside. Providing enough space for them outside allows them to free roam, and is essential for chicken safety. To ensure your feathered friends stay healthy make sure there is enough room for them to exercise and carry out their normal behaviors.

How Easy Is It To Care For Chickens?

Myth: Chickens need lots of care which means keeping the birds takes up hours and hours of time.

Debunked: While chicken maintenance is needed, it’s easy to establish a quick routine that means keeping chickens never feels like work and is always fun.

Chickens are low-maintenance animals, but give back a lot of love. If you want to own chickens, there are a few tasks you need to do to keep them happy, safe, and healthy:

  • Chicken Coop Maintenance – Keep the chicken coop dry, warm, and well-ventilated; cover the flooring with dry material, such as straw or wood shavings; make sure you clean the chicken coop regularly and disinfect all areas to remove parasites, this includes the perches, nest boxes, and entrances and exits. 
  • Provide Food & Water – Provide food and water for your chickens inside their coop, and in the outside chicken run. Outside food and water sources need to be sheltered so they remain clean, stopping wild birds and rodents from stealing anything.
  • Ensure Chicken Safety – A simple tip for chicken safety is to maintain fencing regularly. This reduces the risk of predators breaking into the enclosed area and any birds escaping.

If I Have A Small Garden Can I Still Have Chickens?

Myth: You need a large garden to keep chickens; acres of space rather than square metres.

Debunked: You can keep chickens in a small garden as long as they have enough space to spread their wings, exercise, and carry out their typical behaviours.

You don’t need a huge garden to keep chickens so they’re a pet most people can have. The space chickens need depends on their breed and the number of birds in your garden. Heavy breeds will require more space, while lighter breeds and bantams don’t need as much space.

The key is to make sure they have enough space to exercise, forage, and roost. If they don’t, the chickens will be on top of each other, and keeping them as pets won’t be a fun experience for you or the birds.

Even If They Don’t Need Much Space, Do They Still Need A Chicken Coop?

Chicken coops are an essential part of being a chicken owner as they’re crucial for chicken safety. Coops offer protection from predators such as foxes when the birds are sleeping. Even with high-quality fencing, there is always a risk these predators may be able to attack the chickens. A chicken coop ensures other animals can’t hurt the chickens, even if they break through the fencing.

Keeping chickens also means providing the birds with a warm, dry, and comfortable environment. This reduces the risk of illnesses spreading through the flock. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting the chicken coop  also ensures parasites are removed before they infect the birds. 

If you’re looking to keep chickens, make sure you find the right, high-quality chicken coop for your garden.

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