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We now supply Rabbit Hutches

Ideal Solutions for all types of rabbit

We now manufacture an excellent range of rabbit hutches. Our rabbit hutches are perfect for all types of rabbit, garden and environment.

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A product design exclusively for your requirements!

We manufacture exclusive chicken coops and other products for retailers. If you wish to have your own design manufactured please contact us.

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Eggshell manufactures and designs an extensive range of chicken coops, chicken houses, chicken runs and rabbit hutches since 2006. We have sold over 100000 chicken coops to customers in the UK & Ireland and supply a large number of breeders in the UK. All our models are finished to the highest standard and made from 10 to 15mm timber to suit every budget from cheap chicken coops to fox proof chicken coops or even portable chicken coops on wheels.


All of our chicken houses and rabbit hutches are designed to stop your worries and concerns about predators and easy cleaning. We are proud to say that our chicken coops are 100% fox proof by using strong 3mm welded wire which is also coated in plastic to avoid rust. All of our models come with T&G cladding and the trays for our chicken houses are lockable. All door and run locks are galvanised and fox proof.

But here at Eggshell we did not stop there. We wanted to make sure that our chicken coops and chicken houses can be easily moved so we designed portable models which can be moved by yourself.

If you are looking for a secure fox proof chicken coop or a portable chicken house then don’t look any further as we are the only manufacturer of these types of chicken coops at unbeatable prices. Please contact us today to order your 100% secure chicken house or one of our high quality chicken runs.


Eggshell can now manufacture for you direct. We are now taking minimum orders of 50pcs+ per model with your brand and/or design or our brand/design. Please contact us via email to introduce yourself together with your quantity and design.


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