Wooden Chicken Run Extension – Sloping Roof – 1.15m x 72cm x 58cm to 97cm

Specifically designed to protect your chickens – our sloping wooden 115cm extension run comes with coated 3mm welded wire which makes it fox resistant and prevents attacks from other predators. It also gives the model an overall sturdier feeling than using normal 1mm chicken wire used by other companies. A standard chicken wire can be penetrated by foxes and therefore leave you and your children with a devastating loss of your loved birds. The extension run goes on the opposite side of the existing run with the nest box at the front.



  • 115cm (L)x 72cm (D) x 58cm to 97cm (H) overall dims
  • fox resistant galvanised (rust free) locks
  • fully covered wooden run to protect from the elements
  • front door
  • allows extra run space for 2 medium birds

Dimensions for Granary Run

Internal dims: W= 64cm L= 107cm Height at highest point 94cm Height at lowest point 53.5cm – Door for run W = 40cm H = 61.5cm   

Additional Information

Number of Chickens: Allows additional run space for 2 standard chickens

Suitability: For many families when they buy chickens and make the decision to raise them they become part of the family, which is why you want to do your best to ensure that they are fully protected and safe from harm. Here at Eggshell Online we want to offer our assistance with this, which is why we supply our Sloping Wooden extension run for your chickens to use. The fully covered slopping wooden roof means that your chickens are protected from the elements and the 3mm thick chicken wire means that they are fox resistant, protecting them completely. This extension run is suitable for two medium sized chickens.

Portability: Portable