Rabbit Hutch 5ft Long – Smokey Natural Design

Our Smokey rabbit hutch is the ideal home for your rabbit; being 5ft long and having two floors, your rabbit will be leading a life of luxury; if not at the very least extremely comfortable! The hutch itself is designed for grassy areas as there is no floor; this allows your rabbits to feel freer and not so confined.


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Quick Overview

The hutch has an area for your rabbit to sleep that is sheltered, as well as an open and ventilated area protected with 3mm fox proof wire to prevent foxes and other predators from gaining entry into the hutch.

You can add a rain / winter cover to protect your hutch from the elements. We have also designed an indoor bottom tray so you can use the hutch indoors without having a messy floor.

  • 147cm (L)x 53cm (D) x 85cm (H) (external dimensions)
  • open run for access grass area
  • 2 floor design with ramp leading to grass area
  • removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Galvanised (rust free) locks
  • can be used for rabbits, Guinea pigs, ferrets etc..
  • 3mm plastic coated wire
  • a rain / winter cover can be added OPTIONAL
  • an indoor bottom tray for indoor use can be added OPTIONAL

Additional Information

Number of Chickens: N/A

Suitability: Suitable for 1 small rabbit. Not suitable for large or giant rabbits.

Portability: Static