2 Tier Rabbit Hutch – Grey Design – 2 Removable Dirt Trays

The 3ft Roger Grey is a double decker hutch. The bottom run area is equal to the hutch area above. It comes with plastic feet to avoid rot. For both sections of the hutch there is a metal lined tray for easy cleaning.  Instead of cheap plywood, it comes with a wooden back and 2 wire sides.



Quick Overview

> Grey colour

> 91.5cm (L)x 45cm cm (D) x 89cm (H)

> downstairs play area accessible from upstairs by ramp.

> hinged opening roof for easy cleaning2 floor design with ramp leading to downstairs
play area

> 2 removable metal lines coated tray for cleaning

> lockable hatch to stop animals going downstairs

> fox resistant galvanised (rust free) locks

> can be used for rabbits, ferrets etc.

> 4 doors to access sleeping area, food area, and 2 doors for the large play area underneath

> Rain cover (added extra)

Additional Information

Number of Chickens: N/A

Suitability: Suitable for rabbits only

Portability: Static