Half Moon Chicken Coop / Rabbit Hutch

  • Suitable for 5 – 7 medium birds

The Half Moon Chicken coop is made from wood of superior quality. The beautifully curved coop has an amazing number of features to keep chickens or other poultry, providing years of top quality value. The Half Moon Design provides space for up to 5 to 7 medium birds (less if large fowl) or 8 bantams depending on size.



Our DESIGNER HALF MOON chicken coop has a removable dirt tray for easy cleaning. A fantastic look with round rustic looking doors / windows allows access to the large space and the roof can be opened to allow access to the nest box.

This super wooden chicken house will STAND OUT in any back garden and is built to last. The HALF MOON comes flat packed ready for straight forward easy home assembly.


  • double nest box & integrated run
  • washable & removable plastic floor
  • round door with fox proof lock
  • Dims incl nest box and roof overhangs approx: (146cm x 93cm x 83cm)
  • Night shutter between run and living area
  • fox proof secure locks
  • An inner sliding door between roost and run for added fox security
  • 2 perches
  • run is fully covered
  • Galvanized steel mesh ( non rust )
  • Can also be used for ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, quail, chinchillas etc..
  • A run for this model is available at additional cost on our website suitable for automatic door openers (available on our website)
  • removable internal triple nest box
  • removable dirt tray
  • beautiful round door designs

Additional Information

Number of Chickens: 6-8 depending on size, type and breed

Suitability: The coop is suitable for 5 large, 5-7 medium or 8 bantam sized birds. Less if large breed and more if small bantam sized breed.

Portability: Static